"Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes"


Therapy provides a safe confidential space to explore the emotions you have about your past, present and future life experiences. In time you will be able to modify and adapt new beliefs about your self, others and the external world. You will be able to release the let go of the beliefs  which may have held you back.

Often people maybe unable to remember but instead have a strong feeling or bodily sense. This can also be worked with.

People enter therapy for all sorts of reasons; they may have encountered a life crisis or want to make life changes in the future.

You may wish to engage in a short term piece of psychotherapy or on a longer, more in-depth process. Please note that the amount of time required and the depth of change will depend on the circumstances you have encountered. It may take time for you to feel secure within our relationship.

It is my aim to help facilitate this process and we work at a pace to suit you. Psychotherapy is confidential except in exceptional circumstances, which will be explained to you in the initial meeting. The therapeutic process is also about celebrating your strenghthens and developing self compassion.

I work from my practice in Trowbridge. Our introductory session would enable us to see if we could work together. Meetings occur at a regular time and on a weekly basis. Fees would be discussed during this first session and consessions are available depending on the circumstances.

I am a qualified psychotherapist and registered with UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). I have regular supervision to ensure that my work is both ethical and effective.